Product updates and important announcements

  1. 🚀 Introducing Hero AI Assistant: Your Ultimate Monday Hero Companion!

    New Feature

    We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to our platform: the Hero AI Assistant. With this cutting-edge feature, Monday Hero becomes more than just a development tool – it becomes your indispensable coding companion.

    Here's what you can expect from the Hero AI Assistant:



    • URL Format Validation
    • Alphabetic Only Validation
    • Numeric Only Validation
    • Password Strength Validation
    • Pattern Matching (Regex) Validation
    • Email Format Validation
    • Alphanumeric Validation
    • Minimum Length Validation
    • Maximum Length Validation
    • Required Field Validation
    • Custom Validation


    Bug Fixes:

    • Custom Bug Fix
    • Layout Overflow Bug Fix


    Code Conversion:

    • Convert to a Specified Dev-Lang
    • Convert to SwiftUI
    • Convert to Kotlin
    • Convert to React
    • Convert to React Native


    UI Manipulation:

    • Make An Element Parametric for Dynamic Content
    • Make All Elements Parametric for Dynamic Content
    • Center the Title in a Button
    • Rename a UI Element
    • Remove All Suffixes
    • Remove a Suffix


    Other Features:

    • Explain Code
    • Translate to Another Language
    • Improve JSON Key Readability
    • Get the Full Code


    Here is how it looks with a screen code.

    Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 12.27.27

    With Hero AI Assistant, you can fix bugs, convert code to different languages, discuss coding concepts, and more – all within Monday Hero.


    Thank you for being part of our journey as we continue to innovate and empower developers worldwide.


    Hero AI Assistant (Monday Hero ChatGPT Entegration)

    With Hero AI Assistant, you'll be able to use Monday Hero to fix bugs, convert to development languages it doesn't support yet, or discuss anything related to the code. Here's what you can expect from the Hero AI Assistant: Validation: Ensure data integrity with URL, alphabetic, numeric, and more validations. Bug Fixes: Quickly resolve issues like layout overflow with custom bug fixes. Code Conversion: Seamlessly convert code to various development languages. UI Manipulation: Customize UI elements and enhance user experiences effortlessly. Other Features: Dive deeper into code explanations, translations, and more.

    Nazli Temurtas




  2. Full-Screen Code Capture and iOS Nested Views Support!

    Greetings Monday Hero Community,

    We're thrilled to unveil our latest update, packed with two major enhancements to revolutionize your Flutter development experience:

    • Full-Screen Code Capture: Say goodbye to limitations! Now, instead of just capturing individual components, you can effortlessly grab the entire screen of code from your Flutter app. Seamlessly export your entire project for easier sharing, reviewing, and collaboration.
    • iOS Nested Views Support: Great news for our iOS developers! Our platform now fully supports nested views for iOS (Swift), empowering you to create richer, more dynamic user interfaces with ease.


    Thank you for your continued support and feedback.


    Flutter - Whole Page Support - (Q1)

    With this support, Users can get the code of the page as a whole.

    Burcu Geneci



    Nested View Support for iOS

    Grouping views under their parent views automatically.

    Burcu Geneci



  3. 🚀 Introducing Flutter Previews & New Flutter Widgets!


    Hi folks,

    We're thrilled to announce our latest update, packed with new Flutter widgets and enhancements to streamline your development process.


    Our latest update brings you a groundbreaking feature: Flutter Previews. Now, with just one click, you can preview your code without the hassle of downloading.


    What's new:

    • Flutter Widget Updates: Checkbox, GridView.separated, Slider, AppBar, Navigation Bottom Bar, Tab Bar.
    • Expanded Dialogs & Bars: AlertDialog, CupertinoAlertDialog, SimpleDialog, Snack Bar, RichText.
    • Enhanced UX: Screens are updated for UX improvements.
    • Flutter Preview: Experience the future of app development – try our one-click preview feature today!


    Thank you for being part of our journey towards simpler, more efficient development.


    More Flutter Widgets

    Part 3 Checkbox ✅ GridView.seperated✅ Slider✅ Part-4 Planning to add new Dialog, Sheet, Bar widgets: Dialogs: AlertDialog, CupertinoAlertDialog, SimpleDialog ✅ Snack Bar ✅ RichText✅ Part-5 Planning to add AppBar, Navigation Bottom Bar, Tab Bar widgets: AppBar ✅

    Burcu Geneci



    UX Improvements - (Q1)

    Brand New UI and Improved UX will be here. Stay Tuned!

    Burcu Geneci



    Flutter Preview

    Previewing Flutter Widget output with One click and without leaving the platform. 🚀

    Burcu Geneci



  4. Flutter Beta is released!

    New Feature

    Flutter - Beta

    We're excited to announce that Monday Hero now support Flutter. It's in Beta right now, We have lots of requests from startups, developers and of course designers. Cannot wait to hear your feedback!

    Burcu Geneci